Easy Energy Companies & Consulting SA is the main service provider in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for maintenance, repair and overhaul of control valves, instrumentation, flow dividers and check valves from leading manufacturers Fisher, Young & Franklin, Jasc , Scherzinger, and Emerson. Their equipment is present in a vast number of gas turbine installations such as power plants and oil & gas facilities. We also design and build our own customized solutions and control systems for gas and liquid fuel handling. Our top quality services are provided both in our state of the art workshop and on site.
Easy Energy Companies & Consulting SA (EECC) is a young and dynamic Swiss based company specialized in the engineering and execution of power plants and fuel conversion solutions. Driven by a strong innovative spirit, EECC is a competent and focused team of engineers and specialists. Ever since its incorporation in 1977, EECC’s philosophy of providing OEM independent high quality services has resulted in a differentiated portfolio of products and services, providing lifetime customer support. Our services cover feasibility studies, concept development, feed engineering, plant design, auxiliaries design and production, project management, to maintenance and relocations for sustainable and conventional and thermal power plants. Through our partnerships with internationally active companies and our worldwide network, we can provide relocation of second-hand thermal units, development of biomass and waste-to-energy solutions and planning of combined-cycle power plants. Exceptional cultural and language skills in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Farsi facilitates the understanding of our Customers’ needs and are appreciated added values in the globalized energy market. Our quality is assured by our international work procedures according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
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We are solution provider for gas turbine combustion control hardware, offering parts, maintenance, repair and overhaul for Young & Franklin, JASC and Scherzinger products. We are OEM certified and operate according to OEM’s procedures and tools in our workshop and on site. We are active in power generation and oil & gas industries. Young & Franklin manufactures gas, liquid fuel, IGV, steam control and protection valves and actuators. JASC manufactures purge and check valves for gas turbines. Scherzinger manufactures pumps and flow dividers used on most gas turbine types.


We are Fisher Authorized Service Providers (FASP certified): our workshop is a center for authorized assistance of Fisher valves and products, providing maintenance, spare parts, accessories, new units and certification. We are also Emerson service providers for Rosemount and Micro Motion products in southern Switzerland. We are accredited service providers for Switzerland and Germany for Emerson’s Tartarini, Fisher and Francel pressure reducing regulators. Moreover, we can also offer fuel blending and tank gauging solutions.


We manufacture, from concept to commissioned units, complete solutions designed to specific customer requirements:
• Gas & liquid fuel metering systems;

• Gas & liquid fuel transfer and treatment systems;

• Lube oil and hydraulic oil systems;

• Gas compression and pumping;
• Controls system upgrades and hydraulic to all electric conversions. We deliver solutions using high quality products from our representations or using customer specified hardware, integrated with Swiss quality engineering, know how, production control and documentation.


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